ClockWatcher Elite


Using the reliable ClockWatcher rules engine for Drivers Hours’ Law and Road Transport Directive the NEW elite software has a clear focus on integration from alternative sources, providing a seamless view of information. 

One source from which to manage your: 

• Tachograph data
• Daily driver defect via the App
• Vehicle defect maintenance
• Driver licence check


• Electronic driver debrief
• Download technology
• Proof of delivery
• Time & Attendance
• Cameras & Tracking

A multilingual Android only App allowing the user to conduct the Daily Vehicle Check on a phone or tablet with fully secure PIN specific access.

The application also offers:

  • An Emergency Defect Check
  • Accident recording
  • Security Checks
  • Proof of Delivery

Whether your maintenance is outsourced or managed in house, this back office solution gives you everything you need to rectify reported defects and maintenance records.

Service features:

  • Manage your App
  • Manage maintenance records
  • View and rectify outstanding defects
  • Attach a cost to each 'fix'
  • Assign maintenance issues to specific parties

Our online portal links directly with the DVLA and enables you to validate every single UK driving licence of each UK driver in your fleet.

Software features:

  • Schedule frequency of checks
  • Email alerts regarding high risk drivers
  • Multi-level access

LicenceCheck information includes:

  • Licence Expiry dates
  • Category entitlements
  • Endorsements
  • Penalty points

Digitally capture driver signatures on infringement documentation via touch screen tablets and PCs.

Service features:

  • Proactive management of compliance
  • Documents categorised by status
  • Further actions highlighted
  • Administration of paper records reduced
  • Cost saving of printing and storage

As drivers and vehicles are spread across the country, the option of a fully automated remote downloading facility is increasingly becoming the preferred choice. 

Service features:

  • Digital company card to be hosted securely on our Aquarius server
  • Downloads can be configured to your precise requirements
  • Single point of information
  • Retrieves data for analysis and report generation

Monitor the daily activity of deliveries with this web based mobile solution - the Aquarius POD solution stores and files images of delivery notes by:

  • Delivery location
  • Job no
  • Vehicle
  • Driver

Any stored image can be displayed, printed or emailed and is sent from the app to the back office 'control centre' for storage.

Using a dedicated download terminal and microdots on 'staff specific' devices we can provide a simple but effective solution for monitoring employee shifts.

The results can be displayed in excel format and are downloaded into the ClockWatcherelite software suite.

Cameras are helping to reduce insurance premiums whilst having a positive effect on driver behaviour and safety in many fleets.

Cameras features:

  • 2 channel
  • 720p wide angle HD camera
  • dual record mode (continuous & event)
  • optional audio recording... plus many more features

Tracking to keep you and your drivers safe and on track, offering everything that you are looking for in a vehicle and asset tracking solution.

Tracking features:

  • Real time data
  • GPS enabled
  • Access from anywhere, anytime from any device

Road transport compliance digital tachograph software and download devices

Digital and analogue products

  • Card readers
  • Downloading devices
  • Digital accessories
  • Charts and scanners
  • Envelopes and books
  • Digital Printer Rolls