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Changing customer's expectation

Monday 5th April 2021
Mark Johnston

Aquarius IT's Director of Customer Services discusses why the Aquarius IT offering has progressively changed customer's expectations. As a business, we've been servicing the transport industry for over 15 years. Throughout this time customer relations and service has been one of the single biggest factors in our growth. We are proud…

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Is COVID changing the compliance landscape?

Monday 22nd March 2021
Marc Caplin

Aquarius IT's Compliance Advisor shares his thoughts. I could start by making reference to the number of things that have occurred over the last twelve months that could be described as "unprecedented" but I think by now everyone has been there, got the T-shirt along with the commemorative tote bag…

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Maintaining a focus on sales during COVID

Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Subir Gupta

As Aquarius IT's National Account Manager, Subir Gupta's day-to-day has been turned upside during the pandemic - he's gone from travelling the breadth of the country to being confined to his home study. Subir explains here what this has meant for him professionally and personally, and why he yearns to…

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