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"Everything is running like Clockwork"

Tuesday 9th August 2022
Subir Gupta

During lockdown, we were delighted to secure Campeys of Selby as a new software customer, and recently Subir Gupta, Aquarius IT's National Account Manager, caught up with the Transport Manager, Harry Campey, to ask about his journey with Aquarius IT so far. First, to set the scene, Subir asks for a…

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Make remote tachograph downloading work for you!

Tuesday 24th May 2022
National Account Manager, Subir Gupta

- Top Tips on Choosing the Right Solution Remote downloading is designed to make the process of managing tachograph data easier (and to make your life easier), so there should be no reason for it be a source of frustration. Everything should work as planned, and especially given the amount…

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Showtime - starring The Young, The Old and The New

Tuesday 3rd May 2022
Liz Haselden

With show season nearly upon us, we are looking forward to attending ITT Hub, the CV Show and Road Transport Expo. As a Marketing Manager, I've attended various trade shows over the last 20 years, and I thought, given that there are three free-to-attend road transport shows this year,…

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Unaccounted mileage... Missing mileage...

Tuesday 1st February 2022

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Marc Caplin, Aquarius IT's Compliance Advisor, discusses how unaccounted mileage differs from missing mileage, and why in either instance, it's the operator's responsibility to ensure that all data is downloaded. When it comes to vehicle data downloaded from a digital tachograph, there are some keys things that…

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