ClockWatcher Elite


ClockWatcher Elite is at the cutting edge of Drivers' Hours compliance, and offers a new generation of software for operators managing all areas of compliance and driver/vehicle management. Whether you organise a fleet of vehicles spread across the country or you are an owner driver, this is the solution for you.

Through conversations with our customers we acknowledge that the integration of your business solutions is key to streamlining transport operations.

From one source, one dashboard, one log-in, our ClockWatcher Elite software suite enables operators to monitor and manage your:

  • tachograph data
  • driver / vehicle defects
  • licence checks
  • remote downloading
  • PODs
  • driver debriefs
  • time & attendance lots more.

At its core is the reliable ClockWatcher rules engine for Drivers Hours' Law and Road Transport Directive and this product remains one of the most cost competitive systems available to operators who want to carry out analogue and digital analysis in one operation.


Tachograph analysis

As well as providing a thorough analysis of driver data under Drivers' Hours and Working Time, the system also fully analyses your vehicle records, giving you a graphical representation of any driving undertaken without a card, for example.

Since Aquarius IT are an IT supplier for Earned Recognition, ClockWatcher Elite can provide a range of Earned Recognition related reports.

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  • Web-based, allowing easy access from any device with internet connection
  • A comprehensive suite of reports for both driver and vehicle data
  • Clear reporting of missing kms and "driving with no card" via in-depth cross-referencing of card and VU data
  • Real-time 'shift' information available via remote downloading solutions
  • Intelligent rules engine providing up-to-date planning assistance
  • Cutting-edge 'Weekly Rest' module allows you to accurately plan-in compensation
  • Integration with our eSIGN paperless reporting system, Daily Driver Defect Reporting App and Time & Attendance solutions
  • Monitor and manage tachograph data, driver / vehicle defects, licence checks, remote downloading, PODs, driver debriefs, T&A
  • DVSA Earned Recognition approved

Driver and Vehicle Maintenance & Management Reporting


ClockWatcher Elite can accept your digital and analogue data, no matter how it is delivered. The software will then consolidate your vehicle and driver information into a comprehensive set of reports.



With the time consuming process of downloading data being an issue as drivers and vehicles are spread across the country, the option of a fully automated remote downloading facility is increasingly becoming the preferred choice.

Eliminates Risk

Our solution of gathering driver and vehicle data for an entire fleet eradicates the need to manually retrieve the data from vehicles or driver, thus eliminating the risk of 'missing data'.


Our service requires the digital company card to be hosted securely on our Aquarius server.

Easy Configuration

The data downloads can be configured to your precise requirements i.e. at any point in time, pulling data from the entire fleet in turn creating a single point of information. Our fully managed service retrieves data for analysis and report generation.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of our remote downloading service please contact us for a free non-obligatory presentation.

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"The ClockWatcher program from Aquarius IT Ltd has been our software provider choice for over 5 years, this is due to its ability to analyse our analogue and digital tachograph data, in a user friendly and manageable solution. This programme is a quality product which goes above and beyond the minimum requirement of the legal obligations that it was originally purchased for. The effectiveness of the reporting features provides us with the confidence to know when and how our drivers require training or development."

Chris Purcell - MGF