Document Management & FORS

Document Management & FORS

Electronically communicate important documents, memos and training material to your employees via their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

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As leading experts in the field of tachograph compliance, we are also able to offer our customers advice and develop digital solutions to solve a range of issues. With many years combined experience within the Aquarius team, we are well placed to provide help and advice on a range of subjects; from Drivers' Hours to Earned Recognition, FORS to Working Time. Our team of advisors are always happy to help and their depth of knowledge, coupled with our training and auditing solutions, means that we truly are a "one stop shop" for all of your compliance and driver / vehicle management needs.

Our Document Management system is the perfect example. It was developed in response to FORS customers wanting a quick and efficient way for broadcasting and distributing:

  • company memos
  • policy updates
  • training material

The system also allows administrators to tailor document distribution to specific groups of employees via their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Document Management & FORS

"As road transport software specialists, working with, and creating workable digital solutions for our customers is our key strength - the new Document Management System is a prime example. It fits perfectly within our suite of ClockWatcher Elite products, and adds to our proposition of offering operators an integrated end-to-end solution for managing all areas of compliance, administrative-burden and reporting."

Mark Johnston, Aquarius IT's Customer Service Director


  • Employees can access the Document Management dashboard using a secure PIN code, via any device with an internet connection, or via the Aquarius App
  • Managers have full control over distribution of documents to specific employee groups via the Document Management portal
  • The portal allows accurate monitoring of; document acknowledgement, time taken for documents to be reviewed by employees, taken for the document to be looked at
  • Easily update policy documents to ensure employees have access to the most up-to-date version
  • The system can distribute a range of document types, from pdfs to video files
Document Management & FORS

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With many elements of the ClockWatcher Elite software now providing specific benefits to FORS fleet operators.