LicenceCheck gives you all the information you need to keep your driving fleet legal and your company from driving-related prosecution.

How safe are your drivers? Are they putting your business at risk?

Our online Licence Check portal links directly with the DVLA and enables you to validate every single UK driving licence of each UK driver in your fleet.

If you have employees that drive on company business, you are legally required to make sure that their driving licence is valid and that they are suitable to drive the vehicle that they use. If you don't, and one of your drivers has an accident while out driving on company duty, your company will come under investigation, putting your entire organisation at risk.

It's just not worth that risk. But there is a solution.

Your driving licence check information will include:

  • Licence expiry dates
  • Category Entitlements including expiry dates and restrictions
  • Endorsements including conviction dates, offence dates and expiry dates
  • Penalty Points
  • Disqualifications
  • Revocations
  • Medical due dates


  • Create system administrators and users at any level
  • Create your company locations, subsidiaries and department levels
  • Create driver mandate consent forms for printing and emailing
  • Select a schedule on how frequently you would like to carry out licence checks on your drivers
  • Notification System - receive email alerts regarding high risk drivers
  • Instant licence scheduling and re-check requests
  • Full telephone and email support at no extra cost
  • Real time licence checking

To find out more about our Driver Licence Checking service and how it can benefit your business contact the Aquarius team.

Reduce the risk. Protect your business. Save time and money.