Daily Driver Defect Reporting

Daily Driver Defect Reporting

Make your daily walkaround checks digital, saving time and money, enabling drivers to complete checks on their smartphone, whilst ensuring that data can be reported in real time.


Removing the need for paper-checks, which can be time-consuming and unreliable, the Daily Driver Defect App provides an efficient alternative
with no need for paper and storage costs. Users can choose from a range of pre-set templates which have been created in conjunction with some of our
existing clients. Alternatively the user-friendly back-office interface provides the capacity to create a set of company specific bespoke
templates according to the vehicle types and functionality.

Roadworthiness and compliance are high on the agenda with enforcement personnel, hence this Application has become a fundamental tool for fleet compliance
but importantly as a drivers electronic assistant with its numerous functions. Aside from the Daily Defect Reporting, the App can also be used to perform:

  • Emergency defect checks
  • Accident Records
  • Security Checks
  • An infringement sign off
  • Previous check


As well as the App giving immediate access to these numerous functions, information from the checks can be fed into the Asset Maintenance element of the software.

Daily Driver Defect Reporting
Daily Driver Defect Reporting

"The driver is always legally responsible for the condition of the vehicle while in use. Therefore, conducting a daily walkaround check is a vital part of a driver's core role."
The Guide to Roadworthiness


The App which is available on Apple and Android, has been designed with drivers in mind, so the format is straight forward and user-friendly with the
information at their fingertips and the ability to upload photographs and add notes where required.


The geographic location of the user is recorded during the check, as is the time taken to record the check, making managers aware of the efficiency
and validity of the checks thus allowing a streamlined process for any follow up procedures and a full audit trail.


Security is assured with PIN number allocation specific to individual users. This is managed through the back office maintenance portal, as we understand the sensitivity of the information used through the App.

Daily Driver Defect Reporting

"The ease with which the App was set up and tailored to our specific requirements is a testament to the attention to detail that the Aquarius team apply to their software and services."
Slam Transport - Tier Amazon Distributor