Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery

Monitor the daily activity of deliveries with our 'Proof of Delivery' solution which provides a full audit trail of deliveries.

Using the App allows quick and efficient POD capture electronically on your smart devices. Data is then synchronised for analysis and record-keeping.


An electronic solution for processing and managing POD. It helps you to reduce office paperwork and manual data entry whilst securely maintaining a hard copy within the system for proof of delivery. Cloud storage and backup are also included.


The POD solution is one of a number of bolt-on modules available through the ClockWatcher Elite software. It can also be used as a stand-alone service, integrating with existing FMS solutions to create jobs and assign PODs.


The App runs on a variety of devices from smartphones and tablets. And is available on Android and IOS.


This time-saving solution allows the POD 'paperwork' to be attached to invoices, therefore reducing the invoice process to minutes.


This solution provides your customers with a bespoke portal from which to view, monitor and manage their PODs and invoices.


Clearly view pending deliveries by customer, depot, job number or description and get a complete auditable history of the delivery process.

Proof of Delivery

This is the right solution for the profile of our business and has taken the process of 'Proof of Delivery to invoice' from weeks to days and vastly improved the cashflow in the business. We're now invoicing in days instead of weeks or even months."
Ashley Holland, Commercial Manager, FreshLinc