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*NEW* Document Management system added to ClockWatcher _*Elite*_

NEW Document Management system added to ClockWatcher Elite

Friday 8th March 2019

At this year's CV Show, Aquarius IT launches ClockWatcher Elite's new Document Management System, which has been developed in response to FORS customer's wanting a quick and efficient way for broadcasting internal memos such as policy updates and training materials.

The new electronic Document Management System is the latest feature to be added to ClockWatcher Elite's new generation of software, and has been designed to allow administrators to tailor document distribution to specific groups of employees via their smartphones, tablets or PCs quickly and efficiently.

Mark Johnston, Aquarius IT's Customer Service Director, said: "As a FORS accredited supplier, we have been working closely over the last 12 months with operators to understand how we can extend our integrated digital platform into other best-practice areas. The Document Management System was borne out of these discussions with FORS members wanting a seamless process for communicating and sharing important documents with employees."

"As road transport software specialists, working with, and creating workable digital solutions for our customers is our key strength - the new Document Management System is a prime example. It fits perfectly within our suite of ClockWatcher Elite products, and adds to our proposition of offering operators an integrated end-to-end solution for managing all areas of compliance, administrative-burden and reporting. In addition to facilitating best-practice and due diligence by being a validated IT (system) for Earned Recognition," added Mark.

In addition to the Document Management System, ClockWatcher Elite also features a new tool for monitoring employee shifts called Time and Attendance, which covers traditional time and attendance mixed with occasional drivers needing to record activity and a comprehensive expenses module.

ClockWatcher Elite offers a new generation of software for operators wanting to work smartly and efficiently across all areas of compliance and driver/vehicle management. From one source, one dashboard, one log-in ClockWatcher Elite enables operators to monitor and manage tachograph data, driver / vehicle defects, licence checks, remote downloading, PODs, driver debriefs, plus lots more.

At its core is the reliable ClockWatcher rules engine for Drivers Hours' Law and Road Transport Directive; a proven solution that has been developed from the ground-up by Aquarius's in-house team of UK software specialists over the last 15 years.

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