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New Document Management System Launches

New Document Management System Launches

Wednesday 18th September 2019


Following its preview earlier in the year, Aquarius IT has officially launched ClockWatcher Elite's new Document Management System to offer companies a quick and efficient way for broadcasting internal memos such as company handbooks, policy updates, videos and training materials en masse, or as a tailored circulation, to drivers and employees.

The new paperless system enables road transport operators, managers and all HR personnel to easily broadcast, with one touch of a button, written documents such as employee handbooks and health and safety policies, and electronically track delivery. Uniquely, it also allows administrators to add an expiry date to broadcasted documents in line with FORS' recommendations and the DVLA's expectations for reviewing and periodically updating key company policies.

Document Management is also unique in the method in which it alerts employees to a new policy broadcast. The system monitors and records when all broadcasts have been opened, read and digitally accepted by employees - and importantly flags up, using a traffic light system, when documents have not been opened, signed or even read for an adequate amount of time by an individual.

The same principle applies to videos that might be uploaded for training purposes such as tool box talks for example; the system logs when an employee has watched the footage and for how long.

This not only facilitates best practice across all areas of operational safety; it also provides a digital audit trail to aid compliance and due diligence.

As a cloud-based solution, it also eliminates the need for printing and costly policy reprints, significantly reduces paperwork and the need for endless spreadsheets, frees up office storage space and an administrator's time in filing and organising employee's paper records. It is the new 'filing cabinet' in the cloud.

The new Document Management system has been designed by Aquarius IT, a FORS accredited supplier, to provide an endless number of day-to-day practical benefits as well, and not just for the administration and management team.

For employees, they each have their own individual portal and private log-in for security, which they can access via a web browser or through the ClockWatcher Elite App. This enables all personal HR records to be digitally stored for easy access too; this includes scanned copies of certificates, which for drivers needing to show proof of a safety qualification when entering a construction or hazardous site for example, means the evidence is at their finger-tips on a smart mobile device.

Office memos can now also be truly monitored for review and acceptance.

Plus, the in-built digital acceptance feature offers many practical and cost-saving benefits. For one ClockWatcher Elite customer who successfully trialled the system, it is now being used to manage the supply of employee's PPE equipment. For companies with a high staff turnover, this gives managers a recorded and signed paper trail of equipment issued to an individual, and the proof required to charge for unreturned kit.

Subir Gupta, Aquarius IT's National Account Manager who has a wealth of experience in the road transport industry and previously in the construction lift sector said: "Our Document Management System will transform efficiencies and enable the promotion of best and safe practice, particularly in relation to health and safety, staff training and compliance reporting. Without doubt, this is one of our most exciting technological advancements to date."

"It fits perfectly within our suite of ClockWatcher Elite products, and adds to our proposition of offering operators an integrated end-to-end paperless solution for managing all areas of compliance, administrative-burden and reporting."

Aquarius IT's Document Management System, which was initially developed in response to FORS members, is available now and can be supplied as part of a ClockWatcher Elite subscription package, or used solely in conjunction with the company's Driver Walk-Around App, or can be supplied as a separate stand-alone software solution. For further information or to arrange a free demonstration, please call the team on 0330 333 8789