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Take control of your assets with Aquarius IT's new Digital Solution

Take control of your assets with Aquarius IT's new Digital Solution

Thursday 5th March 2020

Ahead of the 2020 CV Show, Aquarius IT has unveiled the latest product to be added to the ClockWatcher Elite suite; a new Asset Maintenance portal which together with the company's tacho analysis system and defect App, uniquely provides operators with an all-encompassing automated digital solution for managing both vehicle maintenance / inspection and driver activity.

Asset Maintenance has been developed by Aquarius IT in consultation with operators to provide a full audit trail and complete paperless storage solution for all company assets requiring periodic maintenance or inspection; from company vehicles to trailers and fork lift trucks, in addition to workshop equipment and machinery for example.

Mark Johnston, Aquarius IT's Customer Service Director has led the development of Asset Maintenance over the last 12 months, and he said: "With O Licence holders having a duty to ensure that regular pre-planned periodic PMIs covering roadworthiness issues are carried out; Asset Maintenance adds to our proposition of offering operators an integrated end-to-end paperless solution for managing, with ease and without administrative-burden, all areas of compliance relating to vehicles and drivers."

Using ClockWatcher Elite's in-built features, Asset Maintenance has been created so PMIs can easily be electronically filed against a relevant asset. It also allows off platform documents to be efficiently pulled into the software ready for managing and signing digitally.

For multi-site operators, Asset Maintenance also offers a centralised solution for storing vehicle records so they can be accessed remotely and managed 'live' from any location. Essentially, this significantly reduces the need for the traditional paper-based 'Vehicle Bible' to be physically stored with the vehicle - instead all information pertaining to individual vehicles is securely stored in an online portal for easy access from any web-enabled device.

With each vehicle, or asset, assigned its own online folder within the software, Asset Maintenance provides operators with a valuable management tool, offering the ability to interpret and report on real time data, forward plan, schedule maintenance, assign calendar alerts and monitor vehicle costs.

In addition to maintenance and scheduling being easily accessible, because Asset Maintenance sits on the same ClockWatcher Elite dashboard alongside the software's tachograph analysis portal and defect check app, operators can also drill into this linked driver and vehicle information.

Mark adds: "Through this integration with the Aquarius IT Defect App, defects and PMIs can be assigned to mechanics with a simple click of a button. Similarly, the accessibility of any tachograph data which is uploaded to our analysis portal allows for a fuller picture when it comes to vehicles being listed as 'Vehicle Off Road'."

"For operators signed up to the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, ClockWatcher Elite with this linked tachograph analysis and vehicle maintenance reporting functionality, also provides a unique and an all-encompassing software solution," confirmed Mark.

Aquarius IT's Asset Maintenance software portal is available for demonstration now. It can be supplied as part of a ClockWatcher Elite subscription package, used solely in conjunction with the company's Driver Walk-Around App, or offered as a separate stand-alone software solution. To arrange a free demonstration or to pre-book a meeting at the 2020 CV Show, please contact us.