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Walk Around Checks - Digital Vs Paper

Walk Around Checks - Digital Vs Paper

Friday 28th August 2020

Following on from the July webinar with Commercial Motor where we were joined by Beverley Bell to discuss the benefits of using electronic vs paper to manage road worthiness and compliance, we conducted a survey with the webinar attendees to understand how they carry-out daily walkaround checks. Interestingly, more than half of the respondents still use paper by way of a check-style book or a company created paper check, and just 38% are taking advantage of digital technology. Conversely, when asked how relevant digital technology is in managing daily walkaround checks, almost two-thirds of the same respondents said it was extremely or very relevant.

From this sample, we can positively determine that a large number of operators believe digital is the best, and most reliable route for managing daily walk-around checks, so that they can monitor and action vehicle defects and maintenance in real time. This takes on more relevance too, when you consider that a recent survey by CameraMatics shockingly found that almost 40% (39.3%) of drivers said 'I never do checks', with a further 15.8% saying they rarely complete checks. Using digital solutions would greatly help to resolve this serious management issue, and especially when you consider too, that the DVSA say that 85% of lorry defects can be picked up during a walkaround check.

Through webinars like this, our aim is to keep educating operators about the benefits of using digital solutions like our Daily Driver Defect App to show how easy and simple the electronic process is to implement, and the huge advantages, financially and compliance-wise, it has over a paper system.