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Connecting Driver/Vehicle data for increased efficiency & Management

Connecting Driver/Vehicle data for increased efficiency & Management

Thursday 1st April 2021
Press Release for E&F

It's been 12 months since Aquarius IT first added its new Asset Maintenance portal to ClockWatcher Elite, and for transport operators - and drivers - it has transformed how they manage, communicate, connect and report on all areas of fleet management relating to vehicle maintenance / inspection and driver activity.

Mark Johnson, Director at Aquarius IT, said the development of Asset Maintenance was the next natural progression for ClockWatcher Elite. "By integrating Asset Maintenance with the system's Tachograph Analysis software, Defect Check App, Time & Attendance, Defect Reporting and eSIGN technologies, we are now able to provide through ClockWatcher Elite an all-encompassing 'connective' fleet management solution for both drivers and vehicles."

"For transport managers this means that all driver / vehicle data can be shared on one platform and automatically cross-referenced across the full suite of products, for greater efficiency, visibility and ease of management. Plus, it means a busy transport office is not having to maintain more than one data set," confirmed Mark.

Examples of the software's connectivity include; the fact that Asset Maintenance uniquely integrates with the Tachograph Analysis System and Daily Driver Defect Check App to enable operators to drill into, and report on, linked driver and vehicle information. It also provides a full audit trail for all company assets requiring periodic maintenance or inspection; from company vehicles to trailers and fork lift trucks, in addition to workshop equipment and machinery for example. Integration with the Defect Check App, also enables defects and PMIs to be assigned to mechanics with a simple click of a button.

Equally for managing driver data, the connectivity between the Tachograph Analysis software with Time & Attendance and the Defect Reporting tools for example, has given operators a deeper layer of information when it comes to real-time analysis, forward-planning and compliance reporting.

"As we've seen from our customers over the last 12 months, the integration of driver and vehicle data across our suite of digital products, has become a really valuable management tool," added Mark.

"For drivers too; especially during the current pandemic where the need to be able to communicate remotely and quickly has become a necessity, the Defect Check App and its integration with Tachograph Analysis, Time and Attendance, eSIGN, Asset Maintenance and Document Management, really came into its own. With all the information being driven by the software, this ensured drivers had 'fingertip' access on their mobile to the latest data in relation to their hours, vehicles and company policies."

Earned Recognition
Over the last 12 months, ClockWatcher Elite's integrated Tachograph Analysis software and Asset Maintenance portal have also both been accredited by the DVSA for the Earned Recognition Scheme. As a result, and in conjunction with the system's Vehicle Defect Check App, ClockWatcher Elite is now helping operators achieve ER.

Mark adds: "By applying an integrated approach to tachograph analysis, vehicle maintenance / inspection and driver defect reporting - underpinned by Aquarius IT's e-SIGN technology - we are helping operators tick all the boxes, so that they can easily manage and report on all the driver and vehicle performance measures required under the ER scheme."

One such customer is JPE Aggregates who recently achieved ER status. Lindsay Smith, the Compliance Manager who oversees the company's 40 drivers and 39 vehicles compliance responsibilities, said: "To achieve ER, it was a case of formalising our procedures and policies in relation to driver and vehicle compliance, which ClockWatcher Elite has enabled us to do. Aquarius IT have also worked with our maintenance provider to ensure that digitised maintenance inspections go straight into the Asset Maintenance portal - this has transformed the way we work because it provides a full audit trail and complete paperless storage solution for all our vehicles requiring periodic maintenance or inspection."

"With all these systems now in place, monitoring and maintaining our compliance has become an easier task. For ER, it enables us, on a monthly basis, to report our KPI figures to the DVSA who monitor our drivers' tachograph infringements and our vehicle maintenance KPIs."

For operators wanting to benefit from a driver / vehicle integrated digital solution, or who are considering the ER scheme, please contact Aquarius IT to arrange a free ClockWatcher Elite / ER demonstration via the website