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Earning Recognition with Wickes

Earning Recognition with Wickes

Thursday 14th October 2021

Wickes Building Supplies Limited ("Wickes") is the latest company to be benefiting from Aquarius IT's Asset Maintenance portal, which has helped them to successfully achieve DVSA's Earned Recognition (ER) accreditation.

As a well-known home improvement retailer and garden centre, with more than 230 stores throughout the country, Wickes' transport operation plays a central role in the company's domestic and trade service offering. As such, Wickes operate to the highest standards of compliance, and by gaining ER, they wanted to be formally recognised for this and show customers how conscientious and committed they are as a company.

To achieve ER status, operators must be able to demonstrate a consistent standard of roadworthiness and compliance; the DVSA stipulate that transport operators must have approved IT and software systems in place in order to help them report dynamically on these key driver and vehicle performance measures.

Wickes already had robust vehicle maintenance procedures and policies in place for their 244 vehicles. The company used a combination of spreadsheets and paper; but to achieve ER, they needed a DVSA-approved vehicle maintenance software solution that would enable them to easily move this paper-based system, online.

In April, this resulted in Wickes appointing Aquarius IT, whose Asset Maintenance portal is DVSA approved. It was then a simple case of streamlining, and integrating Wickes paper-based policies and procedures into the software.

In August, Wickes successfully achieved ER accreditation.

Mark Wheeler, Wickes' National Transport and Compliance Manager, said: "As a company that operates to the highest standards of compliance, there are so many benefits to gaining formal ER accreditation. Operationally though, for us as a team on a day-to-day basis, one of the biggest benefits of going through this process, has been moving away from a paper-based system to manage all our vehicle maintenance procedures digitally."

"Asset Maintenance has transformed the way we work because it provides a full audit trail and complete paperless storage solution for all our vehicles requiring periodic maintenance or inspection. Going digital has made monitoring and maintaining our compliance a much easier task. For ER too; at the click of a button, we are now able to report our figures every month to the DVSA who monitor our vehicle maintenance KPIs," confirmed Mark.

Mark Johnston, Aquarius IT's Customer Service Director, said: "We are delighted to be working with Wickes to provide an all-encompassing software solution that helps the transport team to easily manage and accurately report on the vehicle performance measures required by the DVSA."

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