Earned Recognition

What Is Earned Recognition?

Earned Recognition is a DVSA scheme for vehicle operators to prove that their organisation meets driver and vehicle standards, minimising the chance of vehicles being stopped for inspections.

The DVSA is continuing to promote the importance of this scheme, helping vehicle operators to prioritise the work of the organisation, increasing productivity without worrying about lost time due to inspections. Not only is it useful for the DVSA, this scheme helps you to keep on track of both vehicle and driver records and with Aquarius IT, all of this information can be accessed with ease.

Earned Recognition

The benefits of the scheme:

  • Operators can provide valuable information that helps support bidding for new contracts
  • Reducing the chances of roadside inspections, increasing the productivity of drivers
  • Keep on track of both vehicles and drivers with information being regularly updated
  • Reducing the likelihood of DVSA enforcement staff visiting your organisation

Looking at joining the Earned Recognition Scheme?

To join the scheme, vehicle operators require IT systems and software that can report on maintenance and driving activity performance. At Aquarius IT, we have software that can automatically forward this data to the DVSA, helping you to achieve the Earned Recognition standard with ease.

Our two IT systems, Asset Maintenance and ClockWatcher software will send the DVSA an automated report on a set of KPIs that are in line with Operator Licence requirements. Not only are these reports necessary for the scheme, they are also useful for operators to keep up to date with vehicles and drivers. View this information with ease through the Aquarius IT interactive dashboard.

A guide to the scheme

What performance measures are reported?


  • Safety inspection records
  • Driver defect reporting
  • MOT's for vehicles and trailers

Driving Activity:

  • Tachograph infringements
  • Repeat offenders
  • Missing mileage

Through the Aquarius IT interactive dashboard our products make delivering KPI's more manageable.

Earned Recognition

Asset Maintenance

Fully integrated software solution for the maintenance and management of company assets.

  • Seamlessly integrates with the Tachograph Analysis System and Vehicle Defect Check App to enable operators to drill into, and report on, linked driver and vehicle information.
  • Provides a full audit trail for all company assets requiring periodic maintenance or inspection; from company vehicles to trailers and fork lift trucks, in addition to workshop equipment and machinery for example.
  • Integration with our Vehicle Defect Checker App, enables defects and PMIs to be assigned to mechanics with a simple click of a button.
  • Offers an efficient way for receiving PMIs in multiple formats for electronic management and digital signatures.
  • Valuable management tool, giving operators the ability to interpret and report on real time data, forward plan, schedule maintenance, assign calendar alerts and monitor vehicle costs.
  • For multi-site operators, it also offers a centralised solution for storing vehicle records so they can be accessed remotely and managed 'live' from any location.

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Earned Recognition


At the heart of ClockWatcher Elite, is our cutting-edge Tachograph Analysis Compliance software, which over the last 20+ years has transformed the way operators manage driver and vehicle data relating to Drivers' Hours Law (DHL) and Road Transport Directive (RTD).

  • Offers a scalable solution for managing all areas of driver and vehicle compliance for all types, and sizes of fleet operations.
  • Allows tachograph data to be monitored live, in real-time.
  • Provides a full electronic audit trail.
  • Features a comprehensive reporting suite, including Graduated Fixed Penalties
  • Benefits from unique added modules like eSIGN technology, which digitally captures driver's signatures on infringement document via touchscreen devices.
  • Works seamlessly on all digital and mobile devices.
  • Integrates with our Daily Driver Defect Reporting App
  • Compatible with a range of remote downloading solutions tools to make the managing of data efficient and simple.

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Earned Recognition

Already using this software?

You can assess your ER status before joining the scheme, simply by selecting the Earned Recognition tab from the menu.

Earned Recognition

"Remote downloading and the integrated solution provided by the Aquarius and NIBC team was key to helping Montgomery Transport Group become the first Northern Irish Haulier to achieve Earned Recognition status. Migration of data into the ClockWatcher software was made as seamless as possible and the installation, training and support received so far has assisted in our compliance requirements."
Stephen Marshall - Montgomery Transport Group