Cameras & Tracking

Whether you organise a fleet of vehicles spread across the country or you are an owner driver, this is the solution for you

What are Cameras & Tracking?


Both single and multi solutions can be supplied with a monitor & integrate fully with both Track Smart and Fuel Smart. They cover every angle and provide reports in real time via their web portal. The portal also enables live & historical footage to be downloaded remotely, to a computer, laptop or even mobile phone.

Aside from providing conclusive evidence of incidents, the footage gathered through Camera Smart is also a valuable resource for driver training and development.

Front-facing camera footage is now widely accepted in court cases for road accident claims, helping to protect drivers and operators from false accusations. Multi-camera setups, including rear and blind spot mounted cameras can improve driver manoeuvrability and safety, whilst also keeping vehicles compliant with road safety laws and specific contractor requirements, such as FORS, Costain & Crossrail.


Need to know the what, when, how and where of your vehicles?

Track Smart, will give you everything you are looking for in a vehicle and asset tracking solution keeping you and your drivers safe and on track. Providing real time data, the GPS enabled fleet tracking solution offers you access any time, anywhere and from any device.


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