Licence Check

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What is Licence Check?

For every employee who drives on company business, it is a legal requirement to make sure their driving licences are valid and they are suitable to drive the vehicle they use.

For most operators, this ongoing process of checking employee driving licences is a laborious task, but it is wholly necessary.

If you don’t have a licence checking policy in place and one of your drivers has an accident (or worse) while out driving on company duty, your company could be investigated and put at risk.

This risk is not worth it, especially when there is a simple, cost-effective digital solution that will:

  • AUTOMATE the licence checking process
  • ALERT you to ‘At Risk’ drivers in real-time
  • SAFEGUARD you against possible fines and prosecution


Linked with DVLA

Our online Licencecheck portal links directly with the DVLA and enables you to validate every single UK driving licence of each UK driver in your fleet.

Eliminates risk

Keep data in one place that’s easy to find and easy to keep track of to avoid procescution of your drivers.

Real time

The Licencecheck portal gives you real time licence checking, ensuring you can keep up to date on the data that matters to you.


Select a schedule on how frequently you would like to carry out licence checks on your drivers.


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