Time & Attendance

An effective digital solution for monitoring employee shift times using a dedicated download terminal

What is Time & Attendance?

With the Aquarius IT Solution you can have your tachograph data integrated with your Time & Attendance data, allowing administrators to easily monitor true start and end times. As this data is available in real time, the user can expect to get valid information about individual staff status, which is key to effective business management.



Increase in visibility, specifically of ‘non-activity’ based hours, in turn this allows payroll or HR departments to optimise staff time. Remote drivers are not only able to clock in and out but are also able to capture their expenses via a smart phone and submit their receipts instantly for office staff to approve.


Helps to remove yet another manual process from the business, in turn minimising human error. Using modern development techniques our full cloud-based solution adopts a user friendly approach of clear concise calendar screens to easily view the Time & Attendance information.

Simple set up

In order to keep startup costs to a minimum, the solution is compatible with a variety of smart devices including industry favourites such as the digipost Pro, Smart Phones and the Lisle Download Terminal.

Easy configuration

Our software offers the ability of Time & Attendance to be configured by department, but also allows over-time specifications as well as pay classes and work schedules. In situations where employees appear to forget to clock out, the manager will receive a notification.


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