Document Management

Electronically communicate important documents, memos and training material to your employees

What is Document Management?

A digital solution for broadcasting important information relating to HR, compliance and training, to office staff and drivers who are often spread throughout the country.

The huge amounts of company paperwork produced by transport operations can be overwhelming. The Document Management portal has been created to streamline the efficiency of all company communications. It allows administrators to work smarter, cleaner and greener and solves the problem of printing and storing lots of paperwork.


Enhanced interaction
Employees signatures and declarations can be captured on screen, without the need to change the original document. Documents can also be interacted with efficiently by digitally adding data and text. There is also a capacity to provide evidence photos such as driving licences etc.
Save time and money
With a traceable digital audit trail for all employee documentation, Document Management helps Administration and Human Resource departments to reduce paperwork by up to 90%, in turn saving time and money (and storage space), making it an eco-friendly solution.
Recipients can respond to distributors with specific answers to documents or requests following an in-depth look at documents. Administrators can tailor document distribution to specific groups of employees via their smartphones, tablets or PCs with the added assurance that they can monitor who has and hasn’t acknowledged the documentation.
Create documents such as company memos, policy updates, training materials, time sheets, expense claims and recruitment forms. The system can be used in an effort to improve communication with remote drivers but also allows for a simplified induction process for new employees or agency drivers, therefore keeping all employees up-to-date, at the touch of a button, on all important company information.


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