ClockWatcher Elite

Whether you organise a fleet of vehicles spread across the country or you are an owner driver, this is the solution for you

What is ClockWatcher Elite?

ClockWatcher Elite is at the cutting edge of drivers’ hours compliance; this comprehensive digital and analogue data management tool offers a new generation of Tachograph Analysis software. It is a favourite, and proven solution, for operators managing all areas of compliance and driver data with UK domestic and EU regulations.

Like all of our compliance solutions, ClockWatcher Elite has been designed by our in-house team of industry experts, who recognise our customer’s requirements for efficiency, sustainability and economy with their compliance solutions.


Secure and available

In an industry that never stops, ClockWatcher Elite offers dependable 24/7 access to key information for Transport Operators working in both the haulier and bus and coach sectors.

Record keeping

For other members of the team too, such as HR, payroll, and accounts, ClockWatcher Elite can provide a central record-keeping and interactive audit platform.

User experience

Our fully interactive solution ensures that key information is at the forefront of the users’ experience in the form of dashboards, drill-down functions, graphs and visual aids. The information is seamlessly delivered to you and your team without the need to run numerous paper reports.


For efficient working practices, information displayed in the driver hub keeps information in one place. Operators can access everything from download history, infringements, CPC training and ADR records to driver licence and medical details. Live notifications, infringements and shift records are also all available via a comprehensive driver calendar.

Integrates with all Aquarius IT’s products including Asset Maintenance and the Defect App, which together have been approved by the DVSA for the Earned Recognition scheme.


DVSA Earned Recognition

Did you know that ClockWatcher Elite is a DVSA Earned Recognition accredited product?

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