Earned Recognition

For conscientious operators who are able to demonstrate high standards of compliance

What is Earned Recognition?

Earned Recognition is a DVSA scheme for vehicle operators to prove that their organisation meets driver and vehicle standards, minimising the chance of vehicles being stopped for inspections.

The DVSA is continuing to promote the importance of this scheme, helping vehicle operators to prioritise the work of the organisation, increasing productivity without worrying about lost time due to inspections. Not only is it useful for the DVSA, this scheme helps you to keep on track of both vehicle and driver records and with Aquarius IT, all of this information can be accessed with ease.

Scheme benefits


Operators can provide valuable information that helps support bidding for new contracts

Eliminates risk

Reducing the chances of roadside inspections, increasing the productivity of drivers


Keep on track of both vehicles and drivers with information being regularly updated

Easy configuration

Reducing the likelihood of DVSA enforcement staff visiting your organisation

What's reported

DVSA Earned Recognition

Did you know that ClockWatcher Elite  and Asset Maintenance are a DVSA Earned Recognition accredited product?

Looking at joining the Earned Recognition Scheme?

To join the scheme, vehicle operators require IT systems and software that can report on maintenance and driving activity performance. At Aquarius IT, we have software that can automatically forward this data to the DVSA, helping you to achieve the Earned Recognition standard with ease.

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Join the scheme

Our two IT systems, Asset Maintenance and ClockWatcher software will send the DVSA an automated report on a set of KPIs that are in line with Operator Licence requirements. Not only are these reports necessary for the scheme, they are also useful for operators to keep up to date with vehicles and drivers. View this information with ease through the Aquarius IT interactive dashboard.


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