Asset Finance

Transform how you track costs, monitor maintenance, and part costs related to each individual asset.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset Finance works in tandem with our Asset Maintenance solution to provide operators and workshop managers with an intuitive way of tracking costs, and monitoring maintenance / part costs related to each individual asset.

It complements the features in Asset Maintenance by coming equipped with a full asset costing system. This enables operators to have real-time control over purchasing and a method of monitoring the true cost of their fleet maintenance from any web-enabled device.

The flexibility of Asset Finance also means commercially-run workshops, as well as operators maintaining their own fleet, or with assets on repair and maintenance lease contracts, can easily examine and report on costs, and have a full audit trail.


Full Control
The software is equipped with a full parts costing system to provide a method of monitoring the true value of your fleet maintenance, which in turn gives you more purchase control when managing your fleet and / or a commercially-run workshop.
The user-friendly interface allows for all inventory, from the point of purchase, to be tracked and monitored, giving you a full digital audit trail for reporting and cost analysis. Ultimately by having an intuitive data trail of all this information, you will not only be able to maintain impeccable standards, you will save money on parts, repairs and maintenance.
Work Efficiency

With Asset Finance you can easily document, log, view and track all supplier orders. With all the information captured in one digital system, you can efficiently monitor inventory and stock in real time, set up email alerts, and track spend on orders and individual assets.  The software also enables you to record, monitor, analyse and report on all fleet purchases based on ownership type and those on external repair and maintenance contracts.

Asset Finance is designed to work for you and your fleet, and the flexibility of the software means you have control. You can easily populate and add to it, based on your own specific and changing requirements; and without incurring added development costs if you need to update a part number or add a new stock item for example. This level of customisation also means that all data is relevant and complete, giving true depth of information.
Going digital provides environmental benefits. It reduces the vast amounts of paperwork and printing required from traditional paper-based techniques, which also saves costs on paper, ink and associated storage stationery.


DVSA Earned Recognition

Did you know that Asset Maintenance is a DVSA Earned Recognition accredited product?

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