2022 in review

So having worked through a pandemic I have to admit I thought we had seen it all. I spoke too soon, because 2022 presented us all with a whole new set of challenges!

These included a cost-of-living crisis, brutal inflation rates, increased energy prices and well, just the economy generally going crazy – not to mention three different Prime Ministers!  All of which, inevitably, will have been impacted on the road transport industry, as it always does.  So, you may well ask how did Aquarius cope?

Aquarius continued to strategically focus on the recipe that has worked for the last 18+ years. Invest in the development of our software, invest in marketing, invest in our staff, and continually review processes, all while making sure our customers are happy. This commitment to our services and products is one we always hope will pay off, and despite all the external, uncontrollable pressures over the last 12 month, we think it did. 

In 2022, we recorded one of our busiest years, and it was the year of software integration with several new 100+ vehicle fleets in Q1 taking on Asset Maintenance, the Defect App, Tachograph Analysis and Document Manager as one solution for managing driver and vehicle data. This was aside from our other new contracts.

In Q2 and Q3 we also rolled out our Tachograph Analysis software for a newly expanded company across 600+ sites with 1000+ vehicles, at the same time as onboarding new customers. Summer was not only hot; it was a very busy time for team!

As the year progressed, and as the transport industry was being hit with the same challenges as Aquarius faced, it was interesting to see a shift in focus to software efficiency, particularly in Q3 and Q4.

It was clear to see that Aquarius’s enquiries were now increasingly for multiple platforms so that administrators of their existing processes would have resource time released to focus on other parts of the business.   Projects such as our Time and Attendance modules and new Asset Finance modules also proved especially popular and via word-of-mouth new enquiries increased exponentially!

To illustrate this further, more than 75% of our customers who joined us in 2022 are now using the full capabilities of our software, which shows how the tide has turned digitally and how by using digital solutions, you can save time and money by working more efficiently – especially in the current climate.

As the end of the year approached, with Christmas being the main focus, there was the natural lull in new enquiries, but this was outweighed in the latter part of Q4 with several of our key customers agreeing to take on further modules in the new year.  Again, showing how the industry as a whole, large, medium and smaller operators, are all recognising the benefits of integrated software solutions.

In summary, it was yet another unprecedented year for the country, the industry and our customers – and us!  Yet, despite these challenges, we remained committed to investing in our products and services. Key to this is always listening and working with our customers, and using our technologically expertise and understanding of the industry to create reliable and real solutions that give operators the tools and flexibility they need.

Here’s looking forward to another busy year in 2023 – read what Marc Caplin has to say about what lies ahead.

By Subir Gupta, Aquarius IT’s National Account Manager

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