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For operators of buses, coaches and minibuses that require periodic maintenance or inspection, Aquarius IT’s Asset Maintenance solution gives you full control and 24/7 live visibility of your vehicle data from any web-enabled device. With Asset Maintenance you can also schedule and plan maintenance events, which helps to reduce vehicle downtime, and it provides a full audit trail. 

For PSVs, Asset Maintenance can also be integrated with Aquarius’s Tachograph Analysis software, Defect Check, Time & Attendance, Defect Reporting and eSIGN technologies, to provide an all-encompassing ‘connective’ fleet management solution for both drivers and vehicles.

Equally for operators not bound by tachograph rules, Asset Maintenance can be used as a standalone live vehicle/asset management solution, or it can be linked with Daily Driver Defect Reporting which provides further operational, cost and compliance benefits. A case example is  A1A Travel who operate 35 non-tacho PSVs on Merseyside and are committed to maintaining their minibuses to the highest of standards.


A1A previously operated a paper-based system for defect checking and maintenance planning, but have since embraced all the benefits of managing its fleet maintenance digitally with Asset Maintenance and Defect Check because it has made the compliance process a whole lot easier to administer and manage.

It’s also the flexibility of the software that works for A1A. For example, with Defect Check, they have been able to totally customise it for all their business needs, and many new ‘driver checks’ have been added to their template, some of which are not vehicle-related, i.e. yard security checks and drivers confirming they are carrying a valid CPC card.

Plus, due to the nature of A1A’s minibus business, operating short trips with multiple drivers, multiple defect checks can be done every day, and by using Defect Check in the Aquarius App there is one set fee. There is also an incident reporting facility on the Aquarius App, which ensures drivers are prompted to collect all the required information at the scene of an incident.

By linking the Defect App with Asset Maintenance, A1A also have instant real-time reporting if a fault is picked up on the check. The mechanic is notified immediately and can get the problem fixed, i.e., a chip in the windscreen, before it turns into a costly bill with a VOR.

A1A also uses Asset Maintenance to manage all their maintenance and MOT requirements and to plan in work a month in advance using the inbuilt planning calendar. The 6-weekly maintenance checks are customised to suit the business with the mechanics / fitters entering the information onto a tablet, which enables the Transport Manager to receive this information immediately.

To find out how Asset Maintenance can help your PSV operation, please contact the Aquarius IT team via

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