Make remote tachograph downloading work for you!

Remote downloading is designed to make the process of managing tachograph data easier (and to make your life easier), so there should be no reason for it be a source of frustration. Everything should work as planned, and especially given the amount of time, money and resources that will have been invested in embedding the system.

However, we are increasingly coming across companies who have been ‘sold’ a solution, only to discover that they are not getting what they wanted. So, if you are frustrated with your system, or are looking to implement remote downloading, how should you go about selecting your chosen solution?

Here are my top 10 tips to help ensure you are not disappointed …

  1. Your supplier should conduct a full check on tachograph compatibility. This includes checking the tachograph part number, and whether updates are required to the tachograph head via a calibration station or update card. No one likes hidden costs!
  2. Make sure the download units can be updated remotely. Save revisiting the vehicle unnecessarily!
  3. Check that the units can conduct full vehicle data downloads and not just a restricted ‘last x days’. Be comprehensive!
  4. Ask whether your provider can host your Company Card or to clearly explain your responsibilities if you are hosting it yourself.
  5. Ensure that you or the provider can ‘force’ and ‘schedule’ downloads. Maintain control!
  6. Check how frequently the driver card and vehicle data will be downloaded. Remember that this technology allows more information to the user if data can be supplied more often. Have flexibility!
  7. Be aware of the cost of downloads – especially if travelling outside the EU.
  8. Check if your remote download solution can offer a ‘live’ tachograph feed on compatible vehicles. Have daily information at your fingertips!
  9. Ensure that the downloads can be seamlessly synchronised with your tachograph analysis provider. But, if not, be aware of the administration process required to load the files into your incumbent supplier software. Never miss a file!
  10. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask for testimonials from the supplier, so that you can be assured they have the right credentials.

The Aquarius IT team have extensive experience with remote downloading across all sizes of companies operating both here in the UK and Europe, so if you would like to talk through your options, please feel free to contact us.

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