Software demos are a waste of time, let’s just do a trial!

Says Subir Gupta, Aquarius IT’s National Account Manager, and if you think this statement is true, he will try and change your mind here and advise that the best way forward IS with a software demo initially, as evidenced by a recent upsurge in requests over recent months.

Even with the world’s most user-friendly software, to truly understand its value to your business, the IT supplier needs to know why you are looking to invest in a brand-new system, or thinking of changing providers.

As a transport operator for example, you might be wanting to reduce admin, reduce time, increase efficiencies or all the above and more. Being armed with this knowledge, means we can then use our experience to guide and help you achieve your goal (s).

Some might call this ‘sales’ and I would agree, but principally it is us as a support-led business showing you potential tools and methods that could help you achieve your target (s) sooner. Yes, we’d like the ‘sale’, but foremost any reputable software company will want you to be a happy customer.

Even a quick 15-minute software demo prior to going down the trial route will help. Your data can then be applied into a full live environment, and with training you’ll be able to see first-hand how it would work in your operation. This way too, you get the full customer service experience and a feel for the type of support your potential new software provider can provide.

So, if you are considering changing your software provider take the time to have a look and have a demo first.

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