Transport Compliance: The perspective of a relative “Newbie”

By Alex Young, Aquarius Account Manager

Having worked in the finance sector for several years, the concept of compliance is something I’m very familiar with; and now having worked at Aquarius for six months, I can see that parallels can easily be drawn with the road transport industry. They are both heavily regulated industries, and the necessity for compliance practices is paramount, as failure to follow procedures can carry strong potential penalties for both employer and employees alike.

That being said, as a relative newbie there is still so much for me learn, and it makes me appreciate how challenging it can be for operators to keep on top of the ever-changing compliance landscape and all its nuances (I’m talking Working Time!) – in addition to new digital tachographs being introduced and the increasing requirements for more comprehensive analysis and reporting.  Not to mention the inevitable move from ICE to electric / hydrogen electric HGV’s.

There is no doubt working in road transport and having compliance responsibilities can be complex.  Luckily for our customers, we have some of the leading experts in Drivers’ Hour’s Law and Working Time here at Aquarius – with this breadth of knowledge and expertise, I quickly came to realise when I first joined that we are more than just a software company. 

Yes, we have a fantastic team of inhouse IT experts, but our integrated technologies are driven by our knowledge. By working with our customers, we apply our knowledge and expertise to create innovative IT solutions that solve every day (and ever-changing) compliance management headaches – and for operations of all different sizes who work across a multitude of sectors.

From scaffolders, to single owner drivers, to large fleets spread over multiple depots all around the UK there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why as account / relationship managers it is important for us to offer a consultative approach first and foremost. 

The Aquarius ethos is all about wanting customers to be confident in the products they use – products that not only make compliance easier for them based on their individual needs, but that also make commercial / fiscal sense.  Alongside this the role involves assisting in the selection of the correct hardware, appropriate software, onboarding new customers, customer management, training, assistance and support – it’s a varied and busy role; as such you really get to positively know your customers and understand what they need.

I’m six months into the role now, I am still learning, and it’s clear my journey in pursuit of knowledge is going to be an ongoing one, but this is something I both relish and welcome.

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