Appy Days for Aquarius IT

To start the New Year, Aquarius IT is rolling out its newly updated Aquarius App, which fully supports the company’s range of integrated driver and vehicle software solutions and provides companies with a robust, efficient, and transparent digital compliance management solution.

Built with the driver in mind, the Aquarius App makes it easy for users to communicate, interact, and record data, and it ensures that drivers have fingertip access to essential company information, in real-time, on a day-to-day basis from their mobile or tablet.

It supports Daily Driver Defect Reporting, Incident reporting, Document Management, eSIGN (Infringement reporting) and the other Aquarius solutions, and  features updated ‘service’ icons that reflect Aquarius’s branding, to make the navigation process between each of the services more efficient, and quicker and simpler to use.

The App also fully integrates with the Aquarius tachograph analysis and asset maintenance software systems, with driver and vehicle data seamlessly, and securely delivered from the driver back to the road transport office in real time for monitoring, actioning and in-depth reporting.

Mark Johnston, Director at Aquarius, has led the development of the App, and he said: “As part of our commitment to delivering ‘real’ integrated business solutions, the Aquarius App plays a central role in supporting the day-to-day reporting of driver and vehicle data within our software, and provides an important service in facilitating two-way communications between a company and its drivers.

“The App, which primarily started out many years ago as a driver walk around check, now facilitates many of our core compliance and safety services, so it is important that we continually review its functionality in line with our own technological developments, while also thinking about how all the processes are used every day by drivers,” confirmed Mark. 

Aquarius is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and you can find out how their technologically advanced suite of integrated compliance and ER-approved systems are successfully helping operators, large and small, manage all areas relating to driver and vehicle activity by visiting 

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