Aquarius drives efficiencies to support fleet management responsibilities

With more and more operators looking for integrated fleet management technologies to replace current paper or standalone digital systems, Aquarius IT recorded one of its busiest years in 2022 helping customers all over the UK and Ireland transform how they manage, communicate, connect and report on all areas of fleet management relating to vehicle and driver compliance.

Central to this success has been Aquarius’s Asset Maintenance portal and how it automatically cross-references with the company’s tachograph analysis software, Driver Defect App, Time & Attendance, and eSIGN technologies.

Mark Johnston, Director at Aquarius IT, said; “This total-system approach to managing all areas of fleet management data on one digital platform has proved to not only be beneficial for compliance and safety – as well as for those seeking Earned Recognition – it is also helping our road transport customers run more efficiently, both financially and practically.”

“Ultimately, by providing transport managers with an efficient and smarter way of managing their vehicle and driver data, they have full visibility of their fleet in real-time, and with this deeper layer of information, they can apply best practices that aid compliance and their safety responsibilities,” confirmed Mark.

Freeburn Transport in Co.Tyrone is a case example of how Aquarius’s total-system approach has positively transformed the way they manage driver and vehicle data over the last 12 months.  Citing Asset Maintenance and its cross-integration with the Driver Defect App as a prime example, Rian Doyle, the fleet maintenance co-ordinator said: “Using these two systems hand-in-hand, and being able to have linked information in real time is where we’ve seen the biggest difference, and has resulted in significantly reduced VOR days, saving us time and money.”

“We also use the automated planner in Asset Maintenance for maintenance scheduling and MOT dates, and with our digitised maintenance inspections going straight into the portal we now have a full audit trail and complete paperless storage solution for all our vehicles requiring periodic maintenance or inspection. With all these systems now in place, monitoring and maintaining our compliance, driver safety, and the roadworthiness of our vehicles has become a much easier task.”

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