Increase in fines for Clandestine Entrants

…how Aquarius can help!

From February 13th 2023, fines for carrying clandestine entrants into the UK are rising sharply. Previously, both the driver and the operator could be fined £2,000 per head for any clandestine entrant found on a vehicle but the new changes will see these fines increase to a potential £10,000 per individual found.
The issue of load security and unauthorised access has long been a hot topic for those transport undertakings operating internationally but we have seen the incoming changes sharpen some operators’ minds even further.
There is a requirement for an operator to have an efficient system in place to monitor the checking of vehicle and load security and the driver is responsible for carrying out checks on their vehicle and trailer each time they stop to load and unload; this is where Aquarius can help!
Operators and drivers have used the Aquarius App for the recording of defects for many years, but it is worth noting that the App also has a Security Check function. Security Check has been specifically designed to assist drivers in effectively checking the security of their vehicle and trailer, using a fully customisable template that can be altered to suit the individual needs of the operation.

Once completed, the details of the check, along with any photographic evidence, can be transmitted back to base where the data can be logged and investigated if need be.

Security Check can comprise part of an effective monitoring system that could assist an operator in gaining accreditation under the Border Force’s Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme. In the event that a clandestine entrant is found on a vehicle, operators who are members of the Scheme may be able to reduce or avoid fines, so long as they can provide evidence that they were operating in accordance with any monitoring systems they have in place.

For further details on the App, please contact the team on 0330 333 8789 or email

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