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With net zero decarbonisation set to be one of the hottest topics of conversation at this year’s CV Show, Mark Johnston (Director) discusses how Aquarius IT are committed to helping operators who have, or who are transitioning over to greener HGV, PSV and LSV transport.

We work with many customers (as you will have seen on page six of our winter CONNECTED publication) who operate multi-fuel vehicles, from electric, bio-fuel, hydrogen and CNG, and the advantage of our Defect Check App and Asset Maintenance software is that operators can customise and create their own digital check sheets and reports to support the maintenance and management of all vehicle types, as well as all green-powered assets.

Further, to meet the evolving needs of the industry, when we integrated Asset Maintenance with our Tachograph Analysis software, Defect Check App, Time & Attendance, Defect Reporting and eSIGN technologies, we were not only able to provide an all-encompassing ‘connective’ fleet management solution for non-eco traditional vehicles, but all vehicles. This is because the systems have inherently always featured customisable templates and reporting options, and is why much of the work had already been done when alternative fuel vehicles became a viable option for the road transport industry; meaning our customers were able to hit the ground running when they started to convert over to eco-powered vehicles – whether that be with one vehicle/asset or several.

For operators this also means that all driver / vehicle data can be shared on one platform and automatically cross-referenced across the full suite of products, for greater efficiency, visibility and ease of management. Plus, it means a busy transport office, operating multi-fuel vehicles, is not having to maintain more than one data set.

This integration also enables operators to drill into, and report on, linked driver and vehicle information and provides a full audit trail for all company assets requiring periodic maintenance or inspection. Integration with the Defect Check App, also enables defects (including those unique to eco-vehicles) and PMIs to be assigned to mechanics with a simple click of a button.

Equally for managing driver data, the connectivity between the Tachograph Analysis software with Time & Attendance and the Defect Reporting tools for example, gives operators a deeper layer of information when it comes to real-time analysis, forward-planning and compliance reporting.  This is proving very useful for companies who are currently either trialling or generally looking to analyse the day-to-day management of different fuel-type vehicles.

Optimising API Technology

To further assist in managing the data and analytics, we utilise API technology, something we have done for many years for companies with third party telematic and remote downloading systems for example, in order to make an even wider range of data available for greater visibility and efficiency, both for drivers and vehicles.


Managing the transition to greenification, is not just about the vehicles either; it also requires a different approach to training and health and safety, and a key part of this is communication with drivers and staff. Our interactive Document Management System, which is also accessed via the Aquarius App for ease, is providing a great way to facilitate two-way electronic communications between the administrator and drivers. Policy updates, company memos, training materials, time sheets, expense claims and recruitment forms for example can all be sent en masse or as a tailored circulation, with electronic signatures and declarations able to be captured – and recipients able to reply with specific questions. 

In summary all of our integrated software solutions provide operators who on the road to net zero with a flexible and real solution for managing the operational and compliance needs of all types of vehicles.

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