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It will come as no surprise that our team in the Warrington office are huge football fans, which is why we are proud to be sponsoring Lloyd Jones this year in support of his role as a volunteer for the England Amputee Football Association, who’s senior team are getting ready to compete in the World Cup this September 2022.

Lloyd works in our Technical Support team, and since 2017 he has been volunteering as the England Amputee Football Association’s official photographer, travelling the world to capture the team in action. This has included travelling with the senior team to the Euros X2 (Istanbul 2017 and Krakow 2021) and the World Cup (Mexico 2018), as well as other tournaments and the many training camps in between.

The England Amputee Football Association is a charity that provides all amputees, people with congenital limb deficiencies and persons with restricted use of limbs, with the opportunity to play football locally, nationally and internationally. As a charity that receives no funding, all of the players and staff have to raise their own money in order to represent their country at an international level. They are wholly reliant on their sponsors, donors and volunteers.

In amputee football, the outfield players will have a lower limb deficiency and play on crutches, and the goalkeeper will have an upper limb deficiency and can only play with one arm. It is a very physical, but tactical game, and the things the players can do with a football are incredible.

Lloyd, who is a professional, qualified photographer, recalls that one of his best experiences was in Turkey 2017, when the team reached the European Cup final against Turkey.

Being pitch side capturing the England team with 42,000 screaming Turkish fans behind you was an amazing experience and one I will never forget – despite being heartbroken that we lost to a last-minute goal. It was the most historical game of amputee football to date, and it was an honour to be a part of the team.

This year, the England team will be travelling back to Istanbul to compete in the World Cup, where the team hope they can go one step further than they did in 2017. Thanks to Aquarius IT’s support this year, I’m excited to capture the team’s journey again, and to hopefully photograph the moment they win the world cup

said Lloyd

Lloyd has been with the team and charity since 2017, and he, alongside our staffing team are the foundations of our success. Lloyds continuous enthusiasm and commitment is emphatic and impacts everyone around him, which has played a large part in the team’s success over the years. He has helped increase the recognition and growth of the sport commercially through his exceptional talent. The best sports photographer I have worked with, we are proud to have him involved with The England Amputee Football Association.

Owen Coyle, England’s Head Coach, says.

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